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LTD C&P - Los Terroristas del Copy & Paste.

It's post 2012 and many things happen faster than 56K, get more accessible, more acceptable – convenience revels in reaching the biggest target group ever, getting welcomed by handshake and dismissed nodding, although, you'll go mute its status updates thereafter. Then, there's pop music which rarely came around in a way such new and thus handed down at the same time – like smartphones in jute bags, like neon-colored leggins and sixties-style sunglasses. We could cut neo-folk into a deephouseset and everyone was likely to get out their paper streamers.

Maybe you don't notice at all, how you dance to harmonies your Mum used to have on vinyl. But it's all happening here. Maybe noone's talking about lyrics no more like back in the days in schoolyards after the last ring of the bell. Somehow relaxing. Maybe meaningful and light-footed are no opposites, rather vibrating through the floor of the club, dissolve in the break for a little while, and rhyme in the chorus. If it's as that: welcome to kind terrorism. Conciliatory four-fours, colorful broadband-tunes, sublime slogans and synthiecandy now in onlinestores under #LTD C&P.

Electronic music. Various Influences. Golden Unicorn and Sunshine Lizard.

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